Monday, October 22, 2007

Georgia Politicians: The Drought is the Endangered Species' Fault

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has resorted to blaming endangered species for drought conditions in the northern part of the state.
Gov. Sonny Perdue and other state officials have been arguing with the Army Corps of Engineers over how much of the water in Lake Lanier should be pumped downriver to Florida and Alabama.

But the Corps insists it's only following federal law and continues to pump billions of gallons of water downriver to help preserve federally protected sturgeon and mussels.
The press release in which Perdue announced that the state is suing the Corps boasted that Perdue is doing so to "protect people over mussels, sturgeons."

How many sturgeons wash their cars? How many mussels are members of golf clubs? Were they the causes of the tremendous sprawl that has surrounded Atlanta? Were they watering European lawn grass yards or planting monocultures of fertilized, pesticided, water-guzzling commodity crops and watering them during the day so a good volume of it evaporates?

It's time for some people to get a clue.